Welcome to SharonJusay.com!

I’m all about quality teaching and learning that’s FUN, CREATIVE and INNOVATIVE! My passion is to help people discover and hone their talents to the max!

I enjoy working with people of all ages and abilities. I definitely love working with “diamonds in the rough”, as they say.  I enjoy seeing the potential in every student even when they cannot yet see it for themselves. Within my 21 years of teaching, I have had the good fortune of witnessing the many positive transformations in students as a result of musical training.  The progress that they make, whether big or small, continue to inspire me to keep doing what I do. My goal is to cultivate and nurture a student’s lifelong love for learning in general, and for music, regardless of whether they become professional musicians or not.

The road to producing creative and skilled individuals is indeed challenging. Many teachers experience burn-out and students sometimes find they’ve reached a learning plateau. Through this site, I aim to keep the inspiration alive by sharing my favourite teaching tools and learning resources!

Join me on my mission to make teaching and learning fun and rewarding for everyone!